How to Increase Dick Size

Dick EnhancementThe average size of an erect penis is between 4.7 and 6.3 inches in length. Men with smaller than average penises and those interested in increasing the size of their erections turn to many different options for increasing erection size. The options for solving this problem include surgery, the use of mechanical devices, and dick pills, such as prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction and natural supplements.

Do you want stronger and larger erections?

Surgical procedures are generally not recommended for men with erections that measure more than three inches in length. However, some doctors still perform them and men still pay for them, even when they are larger than this to begin with. The procedure is expensive and surgery does carry risks, so this method is definitely not the safest way to enjoy better erection size or quality.

Mechanical devices are another method used by men who are interested in increasing the size of their penises. These vary in how they operate, but most are suction devices that are applied to the penis and used to increase blood flow, creating a bigger and stronger erection. A ring is placed at the base of the penis to hold the blood inside until sexual activity is concluded, when it is removed to allow the erection to fade. Some devices are used regularly to create a permanent increase in size, although results vary.

Supplements for a Bigger Dick

The safest method for most men is a natural dick enhancement pill. Supplements containing natural herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients generally do not cause negative side effects. The best quality products offer results for larger erections and better sexual performance. These product usually don’t offer immediate results, so you should expect to take them regularly for at least a few months to see a significant difference in size.

TenGenix promises to instantly increase penis size and provide many other benefits. The stated benefits of this product include an increase in the length and girth of the penis, improved libido, better control of orgasms, and greater endurance. Benefits for performance begin in about a half hour after taking the product. Size increases can be seen after about two weeks of regular use.

Zytenz is formulated to improve erections, increase sperm quality, and allow men to enjoy greater frequency of sexual intercourse. The recommended dosage is three capsules every night with food or taking the dose about a half hour before sexual activity. The requirement of taking three pills makes this supplement more expensive than formulas that only require men to take one pill each day.

How will you know which products work? Most men get confused by the variety of products on the market and report finding it difficult to make a decision. Reviews can help you learn important information about supplements, including the ingredients used in each product, dosage, what specific benefits are offered by the supplement, how long it will take to deliver results, and how well it has worked for other men.