Effective Ways to Increase Penis Size

Most men, all across the world, seem to subscribe to the “bigger is better” perspective, whether it is a bigger car or a bigger penis. The problem is that lifestyle issues and increasing age play a role in many men experiencing declining sexual vigor, while Erectile Dysfunction and prostate issues plague many others. This is a major reason why penis enlargement pills like VigRx Plus and Longinexx have seen rising sales. However, before choosing such dick pills, it is useful to learn more about what helps achieve bigger and better erections and penis size.


How to Achieve Penis Enlargement

Surgery could serve as a replacement for dick enlargement pills, but such invasive options should be only the last resort. Studies show that one could achieve an increase in penis size by an inch if one reduces weight below the pubic bone. There are other mechanical devices by which blood flow could be enhanced to the penile chambers, leading to stronger and larger erections. One of these methods include using a penis pump.

However, better than these surgical and mechanical techniques are natural male enhancement supplements, created with 100% natural herbal extracts so that they do not lead to any harmful side effects. Here’s a look at the top two penis enlargement pills available today. However, before making a decision, make sure you read more about them on unbiased sites like Leading Male Enhancement to make an informed choice of dick pills.

 VigRX Plus

This supplement is a leader among male enhancement pills, due to its background of extensive research and clinical data. The product consists of effective enhancement herbs such as Epimedium, Asian Red Ginseng, hawthorn berry and Bio Peperine. Users have reported more frequent and intense orgasms, harder and longer-lasting erections and an increase in sexual desire within 84 days of regular consumption. The pills come with a promise of 100% money back within 67 days, in case of unsatisfactory results.

Vigrx Plus


The latest to join the list of effective dick enhancement pills, Longinexx has been developed using rapid expansion technology. The product is made of natural ingredients like L-Arginine; an important amino acid responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the penile chambers. Nitric Oxide is an effective vasodilator, leading to an increase in penis girth, hardness and size. Other ingredients include Butea Superba, which is a Thai aphrodisiac, along with Piper Longum, Tribulus Terrestris and Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa.


Make sure to gather more information and read user reviews and testimonials before making a buying decision.