Male Enhancement Products and How They Work

Does Male Enhancement Erectile Dysfunction is one of the leading causes of concern in male sexual health. The inability to achieve and sustain an erection can lead to crisis in a relationship, as well as lower self-esteem. Men are increasingly becoming wary of using prescription drugs due to their probable side effects. They are eager to explore male enhancement pills and supplements that work in the long run to solve their erectile issues. But, does male enhancement work? Here are some details.

Pill Mechanism

The male enhancement products mainly focus on two processes. Firstly, releasing a vasodilation agent into the penile chambers to increase blood flow; and secondly, by delaying muscle relaxation to ensure that the blood doesn’t drain out through the veins, thereby helping sustain an erection for longer. For this purpose, these pills use natural ingredients that have proven their effectiveness, without leading to harmful side effects.

The Role of Ingredients

A clinically tested supplement like Biomanix has innovative ingredients called PDE5 inhibitors, which block the action of cGMP (Cyclic Guano sine Monophosphate), leading to dilation of blood vessels and enhanced blood flow. The inhibitors prevent the release of a special kind of calcium that contributes to penile reduction. In a similar manner, Maxis 10 and Erectzan, two effective male enhancers, have a natural ingredient called L-Arginine, a type of amino acid that helps in the production of nitric-oxide, which aids in vasodilation of the penile chamber. Mitric oxide helps in expansion of the smooth muscles in the corpus cavernosa, thus promoting harder and long-lasting erections.


Erectzan is manufactured in an FDA approved GMP laboratory and Biomanix claims to have been clinically tested. Maxis 10 helps in increasing sexual vigor and harder erections, and also works towards enhancing prostate vitality.

Supplements like Biomanix, Erectzan and Maxis 10 should be consumed only after you have read their user reviews and full ingredient list, according to Leading Male Enhancement, a site that provides comprehensive and unbiased reviews on men’s sexual products and answers the question, “Does male enhancement work?”