Prescription ED Drugs vs. Supplements

Erectile-DysfunctionErectile dysfunction harms more than just the ability of a man to get an erection. When men struggle with ED, it can pervade all areas of their lives. Intimate relationships can be harmed by ED, particularly when the man’s partner blames herself for the problem and the couple fails to communicate openly. ED can also destroy a man’s confidence, which can impact careers, friendships, and other areas of life.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are available from pharmaceutical companies in pill or injectable form. Doctors write prescriptions for Viagra, Cialis, and other medications to help men with erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, there are side effects associated with these medications, causing some men to prefer to use a natural supplement to avoid these problems.

Erectile dysfunction supplements work to create stronger erections and improve sexual performance without the use of prescription medications. Natural supplements are formulated with herbal ingredients, plant extracts, amino acids, and natural ingredients that have been used for many centuries in traditional medicine and ancient societies. Always check the ingredients to ensure that the product you are using is safe and effective.

In addition to prescription drugs or supplements, there are ED products sold to help men increase the size and strength of erections. These include mechanical devices, such as a penis extender or pump, which men may use alone or in combination with a supplement. It is important to carefully research these devices, as some produce no benefit at all and others can have risks.

Research and thoughtful consideration are essential to find the most appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment for you. Once you determine the type of treatment that you want, you can begin to select the right product. If you have decided to try a natural supplement, it is important to compare the ingredients, overall effectiveness, short term and long term results, and what other users have to say about the product.

Choosing a Quality Supplement

Maxis10 is a unique natural ED supplement that also contains ingredients that improve sexual performance and promote prostate health. The effective ingredients in this formula include Asian Red ginseng, epimedium, beta sitosterol, catuaba bark, cistanche bark, bioperine, cinnamon bark, cranberry extract, l-arginine, ashawagandha, tongkat ali, and other beneficial herbs, plant extracts, and amino acids.

Nugenix supplement is intended for use as a daily supplement to produce the best results. The compound incudes five key herbal ingredients to maximize erection quality and sexual performance. These ingredients include tribulus terrestris, epimedium, l-arginine, maca root, and tongkat ali. In addition, it includes piperine, which is an alkaloid compound that helps improve absorption of the active ingredients.

Extenze is formulated as a male enhancement supplement that offers a wide range of benefits for erection quality, sexual performance and energy. The manufacturer claims the results are due to a combination of high potency extracts. The benefits include larger and stronger erections, increased sex drive and desire, improved performance, stamina and energy, reduced anxiety, and greater confidence.