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The definition of “normal” sex drive not only differs from culture to culture but from individual to individual. What one man might see as low sex drive, others may not. However, regardless of what is considered “normal,” the reality is that once a man crosses the age of 30, his sex drives begins to decline gradually. But, why does this happen?

According to medical experts, as the man ages, the testosterone levels in his body start to decline, which in turn bring down his sex drive and even the ability to have satisfying sexual intercourse, at time, due to problems like erectile dysfunction or poor stamina.

So, if low testosterone levels cause the lack of sex drive, isn’t there a solution? Yes, there is. Testosterone levels in the body can be increased in several ways, such as bringing about healthy lifestyle changes and consuming testosterone boosting pills. However, the only problem is that the market is flooded with testosterone boosters that make tall claims. This makes finding the best one quite a challenge. Leading Male Enhancement, with its unbiased reviews and useful information regarding the ingredients, dosage and side effects of male supplements, can help you make an informed buying decision. One such supplement is Ageless Male, which has received numerous positive user reviews.

Ageless Male

Ageless Male is a 2-in-1, all-natural male enhancement supplement which works as a testosterone booster. Its proprietary blend of natural ingredients, the manufacturer claims, helps optimize the levels of the male hormone naturally, helping the user regain sexual stamina, energy and vigor after their 30s. This highly popular pill also helps in promoting strength and lean muscle. Ageless Male should be accompanied by a great exercise plan and a sensible diet, many reviews say.

How it Works

Ageless Male works through a formula in which a host of testosterone-boosting ingredients are used to stimulate the production of testosterone in the male body. Through various mechanisms, which take place when the supplement is ingested, every ingredient causes the body to produce testosterone. In addition to boosting testosterone level, the ingredients offer other benefits as well in terms of sexual performance and male enhancement.


The all natural ingredients of this leading male enhancement pill include:

  • Caltrops
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Chlorophytum Borivilianum
  • Cissus Quadranglaris
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • LJ100 (Eurycoma longifolia jack extract)

Dosage & Side-Effects

Although there are no published clinical studies or consumer testing to show how well Ageless Male works, user reviews and testimonials of this product have generally been positive.

The recommended dosage is twice a day. However, you might need patience for some weeks for the pills to show noticeable results. But when it does, the results are wonderful.