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Did you know that weight gain can actually suppress your ability to perform well sexually? Issues with sexual performance is also a common experience among men as they age. With age, the testosterone level decreases, due to which men tend to start putting on weight, especially around their belly area. Their energy level declines and they lose muscle mass. Putting on weight affects a man’s stamina and sexual desire, which leads to poor sexual performance.

If you too have been experiencing something similar, you might be relieved to know that there are some great options for natural testosterone enhancement, one of which is Andro 400.

An Overview of Andro 400

A very popular testosterone boosting supplement, Andro 400 increases the level of testosterone, thereby enhancing libido. The product is manufactured by Natural Health Solutions, who have priced this leading male enhancement supplement such that it is affordable for everyone.

According to various user reviews of Andro 400, this natural testosterone enhancement pill has a significant impact on weight, muscle mass and abdominal fat. However, sites that offer unbiased information about such supplements, such as Leading Male Enhancement, stress on learning all you can before making a buying decision.

Ingredients in Andro 400

Although there are many ingredients present in Andro 400, there are two components that are known to provide the maximum benefit:

  1. Eurycoma Longifolia: This is a natural botanical extract found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is the key active ingredient, with 150mg per capsule in Andro 400. It helps the user lose accumulated fat in the abdominal region, while helping them regain their former energy, thus enhancing their sex life as well.
  2. Prosexual Nutrients: These are amino acids used in the formula to boost the metabolic rate, improve blood circulation and blood flow to the penile region, and help in achieving longer, stronger and harder erections.

Dosage & Side Effects

The manufacturer recommends a dosage of two pills a day for at least 2-3 weeks for the results to become visible. No harmful side effects have been reported so far for Andro 400.

The bottom line is that Andro 400 may not contain a plethora of ingredients, like some of the other pills on the market today, but those who are looking for weight loss and improvement in their sexual performance, this natural testosterone enhancement supplement can be a pretty good choice.