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Product Description:

Enzyte is a relatively popular herbal male supplement originally created by Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, now known as Vianda, LLC from Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s positioned as a “24/7 anytime natural male enhancement: solution, taken once a day for regular erectile support.

Controversy surrounds this product given its longevity in the industry and in addressing erectile dysfunction as a whole. It’s widely advertised on U.S. television as a one-a-day pill for natural enhancement, with commercials featuring characters Smilin’ Bob and Mrs. Bob. Its premise is simple: it works to diminish the effects of age-related erectile decline or aid in maximizing pleasure and performance in bed.

Uses and Benefits:

Enzyte target ongoing natural male sexual enhancement through maintaining critical blood flow, improving erectile quality and stamina, heightening sexual arousal, and boosting so-called sexual spontaneity. Enzyte also notes that it has replaced traditional tablets with capsules to allow it to streamline its proprietary blend, as well as up the dosages of its potent herbal ingredients. This leads to efficient delivery of an effective formula for superior benefits, the website stated.


Enzyte discloses the following ingredients on its official website:

  • Korean red ginseng – For over two thousand years, ginseng has been used as a tonic and restorative to promote health and longevity.
  • Ginkgo leaf – Commonly called the Maidenhair tree, the ginkgo tree is native to China and resembles an ancient fern.
  • Grape seed extract – Aside from being a refreshing fruit snack, grapes are most popular for their ability to transform into wine.
  • Epimedium – Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this herb originates from Northern China.
  • Muira puama – Long-hailed for its sexual properties and as a nerve tonic in South America.
  • Niacin – Supports healthy homocysteine levels for cardiovascular health
  • Zinc – Zinc is a biologically essential trace element that is involved in the synthesis of DNA
  • Copper – Copper is an essential trace element widely found in foods like organ meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, and cocoa.

Note that this is likely a partial list of ingredients, meaning it may not include all other components in the formula. There are also conflicting reports of Enzyte containing yohimbe, which has been documented to cause a number of side effects and has been banned in a number of countries.

Product Verdict:

Enzyte is among the oldest names in the male sexual enhancement field, and it has a massive machinery behind it for marketing and advertising compared to its many counterparts. Its focus on erection quality, size, and strength is solid, and its one-a-day formula is a show of might and savings on the users’ part. It also offers deals such as free 30-day samples for potential customers.

But it is hard to look past the fact that it has been squarely outperformed by newer players, perhaps due to the sheer lack of clinical findings to back up its claims and the equal deficiency in customer reviews and testimonials. It is also mum on its complete ingredient list, its action on secondary benefits such as libido and prostate health, and the inclusion of yohimbe, since insufficient information is provided on its site. These things make it difficult to rely on Enzyte for one’s regular male enhancement needs, whether due to aging or simply the desire for better days (or nights) in lovemaking.