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Product Description:

Fomdi comes from a stable of health supplements specifically tailored for weight loss, such as Revoluthin, Trimax, and Pure Forskolin. But it’s not intended for boosting one’s metabolic prowess or helping break down unwanted fat deposits. Fomdi in this case is claiming supremacy in male enhancement through a lineup of pills and patches touted to be proven in tackling erectile dysfunction as well as other common male sexual issues today.

Given its diverse roles in male enhancement through tablets, oil, or gel systems, Fomdi employs aggressive marketing tools and campaigns to show it is the best option for enhancing erections, stamina, and overall sexual performance and vitality.

Uses and Benefits:

Fomdi provides a wide range of male sexual enhancers to its market, but its brand promise is practically to improve erectile size and quality, bring sexual energy to new and exciting levels, and to bring one’s performance in bed to peak levels just when it’s needed so badly. MagnumFX, for instance, is one of its banner ME products in its roster of pills, oils, and patches claimed to give one’s sexual performance a new lease in life.


Ingredient information varies based on specific male enhancement product in the Fomdi lineup.

Product Verdict:

Let’s start with the good points. Fomdi has a wide network that guarantees good Internet and marketing positioning and visibility. Its wide selection of products for sexual enhancement also provides user a veneer of choice, and it is generous with coupon codes and deals and discounts drawing up both potential and existing customers.

Putting Fomdi at a disadvantage, however, are specific realities that go beyond its enterprising nature and huge advertising machinery. For one, it needs to present more clinical data to vouch for its male enhancement claims. An independent study could bolster these towering claims being made, such as surpassing the performance of other known brands in the ME market.

In the practical sense, too, it is impractical to have to choose from and test so many different products, from pills to patches, to find the sweet spot in sexual enhancement. Give us a single formula that wouldn’t disappoint and we’ll happily stick to it for a long time. Otherwise, we’d be bent on finding one that’s a keeper whether the goal is to supercharge penile size, improve libido or sexual energy, or to address the everyday stressors that wreak havoc on bedroom performance.