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Product Description:

Longinexx, a new male enhancer produced by Dartford Kent Labs, lays claim to being the only male enhancement formula today that works automatically. What does this actually mean? Let’s find the answer by delving on its exclusive Rapid Expansion Technology, which is an enhanced nitric oxide delivery system in a nutshell. This system involves an initial, rapid release of select essential compounds before it disperses the rest of the formula for a targeted product delivery.

The guarantee: bigger, harder erections, alongside enhanced stamina, endurance, and overall improved sexual experience for men.

Uses and Benefits:

The supposed key to Longinexx’s effectiveness is its focus on key proprietary engineering innovations. For one, its super critical extraction process allows users to get substantially more of the compounds’ active components.

The Rapid Expansion Technology, too, is designed to be used with L-arginine-hydrochloride, one of the pill’s core ingredients and an amino acid important in the production of nitric oxide. NO is well-known as a powerful vasodilator, helping pave the way for increased hardness, girth, and size of the penis.


Longinexx contains the following ingredients: L- Arginine AKG, Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, Piper longum, DHEA acelate, DHEA decanoate, DHEA cyionate, Tribulus terrestris extract, Eurycoma longifolia, osthole, Butea superba, and Cnidium monnoier.

In focus are the following primary ingredients:

  • Butea superba – This Thai aphrodisiac is believed to boost sexual vigor as well as restore energy to youthful levels
  • Cnidium monnier – Thought to assist in boosting testosterone levels along with erectile quality
  • Longjack – This aphrodisiac can also potentially boost testosterone status
  • Tribulus terrestris – Used for enhancing testosterone for improvements in libido and muscle building
  • Yohimbe – Another aphrodisiac for assisting against erectile dysfunction

Product Verdict:

Like other supplements of its kind, Longinexx offers the convenience of a prescription-free formula that combines trusted herbal extracts and amino acids in the ideal ratio for improved sexual potency and performance. It’s priced reasonably, too. But we are worried about trusting the product due to several things, from the lack of official product information and clinical studies to the effectiveness that largely depends on dosing. The formula also includes yohimbe, considered the bad boy of male enhancers due to the roster of documented adverse effects upon use.

The testosterone enhancement factor is well-appreciated, but focusing on the hormone is only part of the picture. We couldn’t think of the formula as a comprehensive one that’s all you need to see better days in lovemaking. Longinexx is eye-catching, promising, and has lofty presentations behind its Rapid Expansion Technology, but we’re taken aback by how it lacks credible information and independent user reviews and testimonials. These make us wonder: are its claims ground on actual reality, or just half-truths?