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Medical facts elaborate that the normal size of a pendulous penis is about 9.16 cm, whereas an erect penis on average measures about 11.16 cm. One of the main reasons for underperformance in bed could be an undersized penis. Inability to achieve a firm erection can add to the problem, resulting in lack of intimacy in the relationship. Corrective action needs to be taken at the earliest.

One of the ways to increase the length of the penis is through surgery. However, it is an invasive procedure and can prove to be expensive as well. Thankfully, leading male enhancement pills like Male Extra are available for corrective action. Male Extra reviews state that the product is a combination of natural ingredients and delivers visible results, without causing harmful side effects.

How does Male Extra Work?

The essential components of the supplement include:

  1. L-Arginine: This is an amino acid, which gets converted to nitric oxide in the body and in turn helps in enhancing sexual performance.
  2. Pomegranate: The fruit is rich in ellagic acid, which helps in boosting blood circulation in the body. When there is enough circulation in and around the penile area, achieving erections become easier.
  3. MSM: It is an organic form of natural Sulphur, which helps in enhancing blood flow, improve tissue health and strengthen the cells of the body. Thus, the cells around the penis area are also strengthened.
  4. L-Methionine: It is an amino acid that works by blocking the transformation of histidine to histamine. Histamine stimulates the climax. Too much of it in the blood could mean premature ejaculation.
  5. Zinc: Zinc has a major role to play in stimulating testosterone production in the body. Low levels of this hormone could cause erectile problems, as well as low libido and stamina.

The Product Specialties

The official website fir Male Extra claims that the product successfully enhances penile size by about 2.6 inches over a period of 6 months, when consumed regularly, in the recommended dosage. It also claims that the product enjoys the patronage of over 150,000 worldwide over the span of 9 years since its inception, having sold 12 million capsules till date.

The Consideration

The formulation certainly brings a little extra to the table in terms of power packed ingredients and extensive clinical studies conducted on each. However, the catch lies in the extra dosage of 3 capsules per day, which makes it a bit expensive when it comes to prolonged treatments. The same has been reiterated by Leading Male Enhancement, an unbiased review site that offers in-depth, balanced information on male enhancement pills.