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Product Description:

Have the best sex of your life! If Nitroxin’s campaign is to be believed, it is the key to improving one’s sex life and dodging embarrassing situations in bed that concern size, hardness, and performance. The supplement is claimed to be scientifically proven when it comes to bigger, wider erections, along with more pleasurable sexual encounters and orgasms.

It should be noted that Nitroxin comes in both pill and cream forms, and according to its manufacturer there’s great ease of use of the products. No weird stretches or equipment, just a natural solution for alleviating performance anxiety and redeeming one’s self in lovemaking.

Uses and Benefits:

Nitroxin is said to be formulated to increase erectile size and width, as well as to supercharge one’s sex drive and stamina. The picture created in one’s head is this: marathon sessions between the sheets and induced toe-curling orgasms. The benefits are broken down into the following:

  • Potent natural formula
  • Bigger, harder erections
  • More intense orgasms
  • Increased sperm production
  • The same product used by adult film stars

Nitroxin helps flood the user’s system with nitric oxide production that immediately feeds directly into the erectile issue, leading to more blood flow into the three chambers of the penis. Nitroxin’s stimulation of dopamine, too, is said to nourish your prostate to help result in improved ejaculations and greater recovery for another round of sex.


The Nitroxin pill is made up of horny goat weed, vitamin E, licorice root, wild yam extract, red ginseng, and oyster shell. There is no disclosure made as to what the cream version contains, but a small amount is massaged on the penis and left to absorb into the skin. We are only left to wonder what kind of skin rash or allergic reaction could manifest in some users given there’s no revelation of what’s in it…

Product Verdict:

Nitroxin adheres to the action implied by its name: powering up nitric oxide production for improving erections and overall sexual functioning. It is also smart to combine the power of pill and cream supplements, but this likely backfires as well: is the pill alone not enough to see optimum results?

Nitroxin gives us nothing to be impressed with, from the lack of ingredient listing for the cream to the lackluster benefits promised. It’s deficient in so many fronts that we are left to wonder: why would we spend our hard-earned money on a male enhancement duo when we can get 2-in-1 action in our top sexual enhancer on this review list? It doesn’t help, too, that its business review pages (such as BBB listing) are peppered with complaints and poor product ratings.