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Product Description:

Testosterone enhancement is a critical aspect of any natural male enlargement plan. One product that lays claim to doing it best is Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster, promoted safe and specially formulated for helping he body improve its free testosterone status. Its main component is Testofen, which contains Fenuside from fenugreek. The product also features a special blend of nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and zinc for pro-sexual enhancement results.

Nugenix is recommended to be taken in three capsules every day, taken at the same time on an empty stomach. On workout days, men may best take it 30 to 45 minutes before exercising. Otherwise it is suggested to be taken in the morning, with dosage allowed to be increased by 1 to 2 capsules to stay within the safe tolerance zone.

Uses and Benefits:

Testosterone levels in the body naturally decline as one ages, and this is the case for an exceptional majority of men today. While the primary male hormone increases in production from puberty up to 30 years old, it declines from there and brings about a number of changes as a result, including loss of muscle strength, dwindling stamina in bed and in daily tasks, and lowered libido. Thus many companies have cashed in on the need for the hormone and promise renewed vitality through their free testosterone booster.

Nugenix contains testosterone boosters known to nature including zinc, so there is a certain degree of verity to its claims. But the focus of our attention is on Testofen, a patented version of fenugreek. The standardized extract is anticipated to result in approximately a doubling of one’s free testosterone levels in the body to help reverse the adverse effects of aging and dipping testosterone levels.


Nugenix contains the following ingredients: Testofen fenugreek extract 50% Fenuside, L-citrulline malate, Tribulus terrestris (fruit), zinc, vitaminB6, vitamin B12

Product Verdict:

The sheer simplicity of Nugenix, its proprietary formula, and what it aims to bring to the table makes it a good option for male enhancement seekers. Testosterone is needed by the body especially by aging males, so the product has a sizable demographic to woe and really focus on. Zinc and other nutrients are also known to improve the hormone in the body so it’s a no brainer that the product can work.

As we’ve noted time and again, however, is that a comprehensive male sexual improvement plan does not stop at testosterone boost alone. It covers all the different ills of men today, from poor ejaculatory control to unsatisfactory erectile quality. It’s a wide-ranging problem that requires a well-rounded solution. From testosterone boost, one should proceed to erectile performance boost, helping elongate one’s manhood, make it harder and more irresistible, and prepare it for hours of intense performance. This is unfortunately something that Nugenix doesn’t provide as its stops in testosterone increase. For something more all-encompassing, we suggest our top pill on our review list whether one is a beginner or an old-time sex pill user.

Ingredient List


  • Created by a reputable manufacturer that produces a number of well-stocked supplements
  • Good information on product and manufacturer


  • Multiple pills taken at once may be costly
  • Needs special deals and discounts

Final Thoughts

Coming from a stable of well-known, well-stocked family of supplements, Nugenix is a strong contender in the male enhancement game. Its testosterone boost is a great selling point, as this male hormone governs a lot of male characteristics and function, such as libido and sexual vitality. But what turns us off when it comes to this sexual enhancer is the multiple number of pills taken at once, particularly three pills, which can prove to be quite costly and going against our one-pill-a-day preference. This recommended dosage can even be increased by one to two pills, which brings to question the formula’s strength and potency. Furthermore, it can make for a better and smarter shopping experience if Nugenix offers special discounted packages, since many capsules are required for regular use.

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