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Product Description:

Have you come across John Lawrence, a professional adult star who has appeared in more than 100 porn flicks and also happens to be the creator of PHGH? The product is all about hardness: achieving the huge, hard-rock erections that could make one’s sex life a fitting porn subject. According to Lawrence, he arrived at the decision to come up with his own supplement as other pills stopped working for him, leading to desperation as he claimed.

Lawrence builds up PHGH all right (how it’s a “premium product” using “only the highest standards of quality at every level”), but not without hitting other supplements in the field. According to him, many are completely devoid of ingredients that work; contain ingredients in such tiny amounts that are next to useless; contain illegal elements of pharmaceutical drugs, unbeknownst to the user; use only powdered versions of specific ingredients instead of using powerful extracts; and contain extracts that often use invalid extraction processes, to name a few.

Uses and Benefits:

PHGH boasts of its five main male-enhancing components alongside Piperine for making the chemicals work better in the user’s body. The pill’s focus is blood flow, which plays an integral role in creating harder and longer-lasting erections. To emphasize this point, Lawrence wrote on the FAQ page:

“Just last week I saw a $12.99 male ‘Libido-booster’ pill in a liquor store. (And yes, I mean it was $12.99 for ONE PILL!) I read through the ingredients and could instantly tell this pill was no different than most of the male enhancement pills on the market. I believe many of these pills are priced so high because people think the high price means it MUST really work. Well, it’s just not true.

PHGH was designed with the formula that gets results where it matters. My focus was on one thing and one thing only: blood flow. This is what really matters when the goal is harder, longer-lasting erections.”


PHGH claims using only ingredients that come from their native sources, with five herbal compounds as its main features:

  • Tribulus TerrestrisThis is the backbone of PHGH, a potent herb that causes your body to release testosterone.
  • Arginine– L-Arginine is a natural compound found in many different food sources, and is the main ingredient that causes blood to flow into your erections. It works in three steps: nitric oxide causes the blood vessels in your penis to relax, and once they do they open wider. When they open wider they allow more blood into the penis.
  • Tongkat Ali– An ancient and mysterious root that grows in the jungles of Indonesia. The PHGH formula is deemed incomplete without Tongkat Ali because of its potency and, just like Tribulus, increases the body’s production of testosterone.
  • Epimedium(aka Horny Goat Weed) – Is a Chinese aphrodisiac dating back to ancient times.  According to legend, a goat herder noticed his flock exhibiting extraordinary sexual activity after they ate this weed.
  • MacaMaca is a root-vegetable and medicinal herb native to the high Andes of Peru. Scientists believe that the mountainous valley near Lake Junin, known as the “Magic Valley” to the Incas, is the earth’s genetic origin of the Maca root.
  • Other Ingredients – L-carnitine, DHEA, catuaba bark, ginkgo biloba, muira puama, Bioperine, silican dioxide, magnesium stearate, gelatin, and maltodextrin.

Product Verdict:

PHGH is fortunate to have the endorsement of an adult star/personality who is in the right industry for seeking powerful, sustained erections and mind-blowing performance. But it’s more than just Lawrence and his endorsement that work for the supplement. PHGH has an unwavering focus on improving blood flow, which underlies excellent male erection. The product itself enjoys glowing reviews and testimonials, and it’s good real-world proof that it works to a degree.

But it’s about time to go beyond Lawrence’s endorsement in its campaigns and just show how PHGH could topple other male enhancement leaders today. The potential is evident in the ingredient roster, and they could be the best aspect of the pill to highlight. In addition, clinical research data sorely needs to be presented on its website to back up the benefit claims and provide evidence of supremacy.