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Whenever, male enhancement is discussed, most discussion seems to revolve around how the man feels after using a product, with less focus on how it impacts the female partner. Pleasing their partner in the major reason why any man after their 30s would want to try male enhancement supplements in an attempt to increase the quality of their erection, in the first place.

Red Fortera is one product about which not only men but also many women have commented, stating that it “feels like when we first got together.” So, what makes this little red pill so potent?

An Introduction to Red Fortera

Red Foreta is manufactured by Next Gen Health Solutions LLC. Like any other male enhancement supplement, Red Fortera helps in increasing the quality and strength of erections, while enhancing sexual arousal and stamina, to maximize pleasure during sexual activity

The manufacturer claims that Red Fortera’s formula is a premium blend of the highest quality ingredients that help the user achieve improved sexual performance with their very first pill.  And, user reviews of Red Fortera confirm its effectiveness.

Red Fortera improves sexual performance in two ways. The supplement uses a clinically tested and safe “Total Testosterone Enhancement System,” which boosts testosterone levels in men, resulting in higher sex drive and endurance during intercourse. Secondly, this little red pill improves blood flow to the penile region, optimizing size and firmness.

Ingredients in Red Fortera

The formula contains a proprietary blend of natural compounds, including Kre-Celazine, L-Arginine Malate, Mucuna Pruriens extract, Taxadrol, Rubiaceae extract, Yew Powder, tribulus terrestis extract, Theobromine, Cayenne Pepper, Theophylline and Bioprene Black Pepper Extract.

The active ingredients include an exclusive non-prohormone, all-natural test activator, the Total Testosterone Activation system, which has been clinically tested for safety. The system increases sex drive and sexual energy by dramatically increasing testosterone levels.

Dosage & Side-Effects

This male enhancement pill needs to be taken before a sexual intercourse, with the recommended dosage being one pill 30 minutes prior to the sexual act. According to the manufacturer, the user will start seeing results from their very first pill and the results can last up to 72 hours. In fact, there is no need to consume Red Fortera as a daily tablet for months to achieve improved performance.

In addition, being made of high quality, 100% natural ingredients, this supplement doesn’t lead to any harmful side-effects. Even drinking alcohol will not alter the effects of the pill. However, there have been reports that some users experienced heartburn, nausea, headache, fatigue and joint pain.

Leading Male Enhancement, a site that is committed to offering objective, unbiased information, has reviewed Red Fortera and found that it is definitely worth giving a try to feel sexually young once again.