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Product Description:

Red Fortera is hailed on its website as a male enhancement supplement that’s “expertly blended for superior virility.” This offers us a good clue on the improved sexual performance and increased stamina that it claims to offer – without the nasty side effects it charges its competitors as guilty of. This “little red pill” is said to work in as little as half an hour, enhancing performance for up to 72 hours and providing greater stamina sans unexpected reactions.

A relative newcomer in the cutthroat sexual enhancement business, it is formulated in 2004 by a nutritionist as well as pharmacologist that poured a year into developing herbal-nutritional therapy combinations to combat erectile dysfunction and similar male woes.

Uses and Benefits:

This supplement is positioned as a clinically tested formula with no prescription required and can improve erectile score drastically even with single intake. Its efficacy is tested by its manufacturer Next Gen through a so-called independent pilot clinical study, with the following results:

  • Significant improvement in spouse’s sexual satisfaction rating of partner’s erection harness by 18 percent
  • Significant improvement of 13 percent in subject’s own arousal rating
  • Significant improvement of 12 percent in erectile quality as well as performance
  • Safety through no adverse events reported

It also delved on the female partner satisfaction experience, with the mean score said to be significantly greater for Red Fortera than placebo by 26 percent.


Red Fortera is claimed to include only natural ingredients and the highest-quality authentic herbs and spices. It is expected to work in 30 minutes at the fastest and last up to 72 hours. It is deemed all right for intake even with alcohol.

Here’s the partial list of ingredients, the only ones we could find on its official site:

  • Cinnamon bark – This spice is obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the Cinnamomum family. Cinnamon bark is promoted to increase blood flow as well as a component of a multi-ingredient preparation for fighting premature ejaculation.
  • Gingko biloba – As one of the oldest known trees, ginkgo promotes healthy circulation, supports blood vessel function, and enhances healthy oxygen and glucose metabolism in one’s brain, as some of its crucial uses for male enhancement.
  • Ginseng – According to research, all three Korean, Root, Panax ginseng plants protect against physical and psychological or mental stresses.
  • Niacin – A B vitamin found in red meat, chicken, turkey, grains and beans, niacin is a required nutrient plays an important role in healthy functioning.
  • Tribulus terrestris – Also called puncture vine, this celebrated herb contains the active ingredient protodioscin, documented to be converted to DHEA in the body and may answer for tribulus terrestris’ role as an aphrodisiac.

Product Verdict:

Red Fortera is undoubtedly a male supplement that is hard to ignore with its solid packaging and marketing, realistic but impressive benefit claims, and provision of clinical trial results on its website. It has a healthy obsession with male sexual performance, but we’re afraid the potential of the product ends there. There isn’t any formidable mention of other crucial male sexual areas such as orgasm control, libido enhancement, and even the secondary ones like prostate support. Its ingredient list is only partially revealed, a no-no if one is all for full product disclosure. Between this and a product that touches greater ground with what it can do, we’ll definitely go with the latter.