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Product Description:

In our extensive online search we can no longer locate any official, credible source for Rexbull. Its website seems to have been taken down, along with its affiliates online. But let’s discuss how it positioned itself as a natural male enhancement supplement, as shown by a trail of evidence of its performance, market review, and overall record. We try to make this probe as close to actual reality as possible despite limitations in references.

Uses and Benefits:

Rexbull will probably make you think: “Ahh, this is eerily familiar.” Yes, it sounds so uncomfortably close to the popular energy drink Red Bull. But make no mistake about it: the two should never be confused, as the former is designed for enhancing male sexual performance while the latter is for everyday energy and no sexual enhancement claims. Rexbull is driven by so-called natural herbal extracts, while Red Bull has taurine and other energy-stirring ingredients.

From the trail of indicators we found on Rexbull, it is clear that the product promises to improve male erections, stamina, and overall sexual performance. The herbs are believed to build up in one’s system over time, making the user ready for sex whenever the opportunity presents itself. What’s unclear, however, how this is achieved or what mechanism of action makes these benefits possible.


Rexbull claims to be a completely natural formula. It should be noted, though, that it didn’t leave behind an official list of ingredients. So we’re presuming that there’s something like a celebrated tribulus terrestris in the formula for enhancing testosterone, L-arginine for boosting blood flow, or ginseng for upping energy levels.

At any rate, Rexbull is likely to be taken every day shortly before intimate contact, with effects lasting anywhere for 24 to 72 hours.

Product Verdict:

It’s difficult – even seeming to go against common sense – to review a product like Rexbull that appears to have already gotten out of the legitimate male enhancement market. But this is exactly the point of reviews like this: to draw attention to sex pills that are no longer officially sold but are still making rounds in the underbelly of the black market. Note that there’s no official website or list of ingredients anymore, only an overwhelming amount of negative reviews and customer feedback left behind.

Rexbull may still benefit from its close resemblance to Red Bull, but don’t be fooled: you will no longer find any credible, official, and trustworthy information about it anymore. Save your money and yourself the hassle and dangers.