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For many of us, the size of the penis is a source of much humor. However, for men who actually have to live with a small penis, it is no less than a nightmare. Things get worse for them when they need to satisfy their partner. The thought of how their partner would react on seeing their small penis can be the cause of high anxiety.

Although there is no strict rule for how long the penile size should be, good length allows maximum penetration and pleasure, only making the intimate moments more memorable. Moreover, given our social perceptions, a bigger penis gives man the confidence to be able to enjoy better sex and have better orgasms.

So, is there any solution to this problem of size? TenGenix, world’s best and most advanced male enhancement supplement, is here to help, guaranteeing an increase in size and sexual desire. TenGenix reviews also suggest that these pills help decrease the refractory period, and mental and sexual fatigue.

The Workings of TenGenix

The only clinically male enhancement supplement in the market today, TenGenix uses a highly advanced Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX) technology, much talked about in the male enhancement supplement industry. With this superior technology, ingredients in the supplement can absorbed only when they reach the small intestine, protecting the key ingredients from being wasted anywhere before that and ensuring that the user receives the maximum benefits from the supplement. Upon absorption, the ingredients deliver results in the form of increased size, stamina and sexual desire.


TenGenix contains 5 core ingredients that extend immense benefits.

  1. L-Arginine: Acting as a precursor of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and allows blood flow, L-Arginine promotes penis growth.
  2. Tongkat Ali: Also known as Malaysian Ginseng and Eurycoma Longifolia, Tongkat Ali is a natural aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire.
  3. Muira Puama: Prepares the body for the effects of the other ingredients by boosting testosterone levels.
  4. Tribulus Terrestris: This is another testosterone-booster that increases sexual desire.
  5. Maca Root: Highly effective against various sexual problems, Maca inhibits the neurotransmitters, oxytocin and prolactin, for maximum stimulation.

What makes TenGenix different from other supplements on the market is its use of technology and science to ensure that each pill reaches its full effectiveness.

Dosage & Side-Effects

The recommended dosage is twice daily. There have been no reports of any harmful side effects either.

However, before making a buying decision, make sure you gather more information from unbiased sites like Leading Male Enhancement to make an informed buy.