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Product Description:

Created by Farr Labs, LLC, Triverex MD is dubbed “an evidence-based neutraceutical” specifically formulate with the highest quality of phytotherapeutic agents for males seeking male enhancement support or maintenance. This is a mouthful, so allow us to explain through this review what this supplement aspires to be. Not unlike other formulas around, it is said to be developed in collaboration with authorities on sexual health solutions – without a prescription and no reported side effects. It heavily relies on Korean red ginseng for potency, as the ingredient is traditionally celebrated for its sexual potency boost.

Uses and Benefits:

Triverex boasts of natural components, mostly in the form of Korean red ginseng, which has been illustrated in seven human clinical studies to have a high effectiveness rate in male sexual health. In fact, it claims to be a proprietary blend that includes one of the highest qualities of Korean red ginseng available in the United States market, as well as L-citrulline, maca, and epimedium. These active, mostly plant-based sources are considered enough to see positive results, and the product is consider to have no limited performance window as it need not be taken immediately before sex to provide results. Two tablets are recommended for daily use.

But what exactly are the indicators of an improved sexual experience?

  • Better libido or sexual desire
  • Increased blood flow to maximize hardness
  • Enhanced stamina for longer, more satisfactory intercourse – both for user and partner
  • Achieved individual hardness and thickness


The official website makes no full disclosure of the product’s ingredients, but based on the product label we can see that Triverex contains Korean red ginseng, citrulline, maca root, epimedium, Eurycoma longifolia extract, and velvet bean standardized extract.

Product Verdict:

Triverex MD undoubtedly comes from a roster of natural health supplements that have etched a good name in their specific fields. It offers only a few but important ingredients, but we would have greatly appreciated (and upped its marks) if there’s a full ingredient list.

Now, does it work? It’s hard to tell, because with two tablets a day we started seeing results 5 to 6 weeks into the product trial. It’s neither an immediate nor stellar performance, and the campaign itself is mum on the targeted benefits. Triverex doesn’t make specific claims on erectile quality and size, penile sensitivity, ejaculatory control, and even secondary markers such as prostate health. Unfortunately, this jack-of-all-trades positioning hurt its ranking on our review list, because it leaves much to be desired in both promises and real-life performance.