Viatropin #11

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Pills Per Bottle 60
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Product Description:
Viatropin Thermogenic Formula is a male sexual enhancer seeking to boost overall male performance, including the hormone production and metabolism improvement. Its mechanism is largely based on nitric oxide research, said to be “award-winning” and effective for male enhancement purposes. It’s simple: Viatropin claims to stack the body with natural amino acids necessary for increasing nutrient absorption, hydration, and significant cell volume boost.

Uses and Benefits:
Viatropin claims to benefit male performance during sex and, once it kicks in, intends to cause the widening of blood vessels in the penis and et more blood flow into the erectile chambers. Along the way it also enhances amino acid and nutrient delivery, translating to increased energy not only for sexual intercourse but also other physically taxing activities such as exercising.

As earlier mentioned, the supplement is based on the enhancing action of nitric oxide, calming the blood vessels that transport amino acids and other nutrients to one’s sex organ. The desired results: enhanced blood flow and a dilated penis, as well as greater erectile size and hardness.

Viatropin contains four main ingredients: Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG), Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG), L-GKG, and Arginine-ketoisocaproate (A-KIC), all highlighted to be readily available for consumption in one’s daily diet. The impression therefore is that the amino acids are naturally occurring and therefore have a good safety value in optimum levels. 

We couldn’t find the supplement’s official complete list of ingredients anywhere.

Final Take:
On the positive side, Viatropin is a flexible performance enhancer that can be useful from the bedroom to the gym, or when the going gets generally tough. It can help men meet the physical demands of every day with its energy component. It is also smart to focus attention on naturally occurring amino acids and nutrients rather than synthetic ingredients or herbal extracts that do not exactly enjoy a good reputation (yohimbe, for instance).

Our problem is this: how do we know it doesn’t contain a yohimbe-like ingredient if the complete ingredient list isn’t published? This information shortage is a dangerous one, given that supplements need to disclose what they truly contain and how those components can interact with other substances. We also notice that the website is hardly populated with customer reviews, and that other basic product details are missing.

While one cannot go wrong with nature (as Viatropin’s amino acid claims have it), we are unimpressed with the “proof” offered by the product about its safety and effectiveness. It’s partially provided, so expect our support and belief to also be partially given.