Vimax #9

Overall Success 78.0%
Product Quality
User Satisfaction
Immediate Results
Long Term Results
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Less Side effects
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Pills Per Bottle 30
Price Per Bottle $59.95


Product Description:
Vimax is touted as a 100% natural and safe male enhancement supplement that carries the highest-quality herbal ingredients. It focuses on providing better performance, greater satisfaction, improved endurance, and increased desire. Its makers are bold enough to claim that since 2001, Vimax have been purchased and supported by more than 1 million men worldwide, mainly for its combination of effectiveness and safety.

The Vimax website states: “Our team of pharmaceutical scientists and master herbalists ensures that our formulas contain only the best natural extracts with the correct dosages. Our impeccable track record is proof of their dedication to the work.”

Uses and Benefits:
Vimax offers a projected timeline of its uses and benefits to guide men on when to expect certain effects of the supplement.

At Weeks 1 to 4, the user may notice a significant increase in sexual desire and stamina, as showed by a Vimax Team survey with more than 9,000 participants. At weeks 5 to 8, on the other hand, one might feel improvement in performance and satisfaction during sexual intercourse, where 80 percent of subjects are said to disclose such benefits. At week 9 upwards, one should finally reach his full potential at this partner, says Vimax, and his partner should also start to feel more satisfaction in lovemaking.

On its official website, Vimax published the following ingredients: Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder, Ginseng, Cayenne Pepper, Saw Palmetto 45% Fatty Acids, Oat Straw Extract 10:1 (Avena Sativa), and Rice Flour. It is also said to free from the following ingredients that may pose an allergic concern or reaction: yeast, wheat gluten, corn, milk/dairy, sodium, sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.

Final Take:
Vimax mobilizes a huge team in its R&D, customer service, fulfillment, and overall production, and this is not to be ignored if a supplement is striving for excellence and supremacy in its chosen field. Its market presence is also growing and expanding, a good sign of how customers are responding to the formula and its marketing. But this comes with certain caveats, such as details not thoroughly (if at all) revealed to the public.

For instance, an FDA analysis may have verified the presence of tadalafil, an active ingredient of a popular erectile dysfunction medication, in Vimax. This isn’t something to be ignored as the product is marketed as a supplement, as it could pose safety and effectiveness challenges that one may have never expected at all. Caution is therefore key in using Vimax, even among healthy young male individuals seeking a new lease in their sex life.