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Product Description:

Not unlike its fierce competitors in the male enhancement field, Virectin is positioning itself as the powerful all-natural male enhancement solution today. It proclaims itself as a 100 percent natural formula that lifts up one’s sexual abilities and intensified orgasms, particularly when one is faced with stress, daily pressures, or performance anxiety.

Uses and Benefits:

Virectin is promoted to come with a potent dose of a highly advanced proprietary formula that will help one achieve more powerful, longer-lasting erections every time needed for sex. Virectin supports enhanced energy and sexual stamina, improved self-confidence, and increased sex drive.

These benefits are touted to be highly deliverable without any nasty side effects that are often tied to using prescription ED drugs. Furthermore, Virectin is said to be contain more patented ingredients than any other male performance enhancers on the market today, addressing the key areas of stamina, testosterone levels, and sex drive.


Virectin contains the following ingredients:

  • Niacin – Helps the body synthesize key sex-related hormones closely related to sexual libido and desire
  • Selenium – Can produce several effects in the body that are beneficial for men who have low desire and problems with their sperm levels and quality
  • Tribulus terrestris – Used in traditional Indian medicine as an aphrodisiac and in ancient Greek society as a treatment for sexual dysfunction
  • Oat herb powder – Traditionally used by both men and women as an all-natural aphrodisiac to enhance libido
  • L-arginine – An amino acid occurring naturally in foods such as salmon, spinach, and chocolate
  • Zinc – Scientific proof suggests that there a link between adequate zinc intake and testosterone levels in the body
  • Tongkat ali – A tree-based extract that has been widely studied for its advantageous sexual effects in men.
  • Mucuna pruriens – Has been greatly used as a folk remedy for a variety of bodily conditions
  • Fenugreek – A common spice in curry dishes, it can also help men who want to give their sex lives a natural boost
  • Ginkgo biloba – Believed to help improve brain function as well as reduce tension and result in an energy boost
  • Epimedium – Thought to be capable of boosting levels of testosterone
  • Saw palmetto – Its berries work in the male system in several ways to improve users’ sex lives
  • Maca root – Consuming this has been linked to improved libido and overall sexual function
  • Ashwagandha root – Used in traditional Ayurveda medicine, its sexual benefits have been confirmed by a number of recent scientific studies
  • Damiana leaf – Both men and women use it for heightening sexual desire and pleasure
  • Cnidium herb –Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have recommended it to men and women experiencing low levels of libido and sexual desire

Product Verdict:

At face value, Virectin appears to be the perfect male enhancement choice. It promotes penile vasodilation for harder and longer-lasting erections in healthy males. It also optimally combines herbs and extracts for better sexual functioning, alongside providing safety warnings and precautions to users.

But delving deeper, we feel there is performance gap that the product needs to tackle, mostly the three-capsules-a-day recommended dosage that simply isn’t cost-effective. One should note, too, that the benefits abruptly stop once pill therapy is also halted.