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Product Description:

Zenerx is a product from Everest Nutrition, which has unfortunately closed but still offers the sex pill on an eBay store as its only authorized reseller. At any rate, the product is promoted for safe, natural male enhancement, restoring youthful health and sexual potency. It puts the spotlight on its high-potency extracts to provide strong and consistent results for improving the vitality of one’s nervous system, tissues, and genitals, along with sperm production, sexual glands, hormone flow, testosterone, blood flow to the genitals, and erectile pleasure.

Uses and Benefits:

With an emphasis on the singular appeal of its herbal and nutritional mix, Zenerx promises both safety and effectiveness with its pure-strength formula. The sexual enhancer is also believed to avoid any ingredient with a bad rap or documented side effects, is controversial and considered a prescription drug component in other countries. The expected benefits are as follows:

  • Bigger, rock-hard erections
  • Increased erection ability
  • Increased sexual drive and desire
  • Amazing strength, stamina, and energy
  • Greater confidence & reduced anxiety
  • Incredible sexual performance and pleasure
  • Better health of important body functions
  • Total satisfaction for user and partner
  • The greatest sex life you ever had


Zenerx contains the following ingredients: Catuaba bark, cinnamon bark, cistanche bark, cnidium, Epimedium grandiflorum, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, jujube fruit, L-arginine, L-Norvaline, maca root extract, Mucuna pruriens, niacin, Schizandra berry, tongkat ali extract, Tribulus terrestris, and zinc.

Direction for use is take two capsules a day preferably with a meal. Users may also take an extra 2 to 3 capsules about an hour before sexual contact.

Product Verdict:

The closure of Zenerx’s manufacturer is a sad indicator that it’s a cutthroat industry that these sex pills are moving in. That said, there’s no room for false promises or mediocrity in this field, as users are so closely attuned to what they need and how they’d like to get it delivered. In the case of Zenerx, there’s special attention to sperm production, an aspect often neglected by its competitors, as well as a full range of sexual improvements. The special promotions and discounted bulk pricing, along with its GMP certification, are other noteworthy plus points.

But looking more closely, it’s not difficult to determine the hollow promise of being a holistic, all-natural formula. No clinical research or data back this up, rendering the claim false or contrived. Given the closure of the company and its existing reselling arrangement, Zenerx also suffers from reduced credibility and appeal in the marketplace. It seems to move about blindfolded, while other sex pills of its kind are operating at 100% in tackling erectile dysfunction symptoms and giving users better days in lovemaking.