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Product Description:

Zytenz claims to be the answer to men who are “underperforming” in bed. Another male enhancement supplement vying for attention, it states that it holds the key to a better sex life. You’re not alone in your sexual struggles and you’re lucky enough to stumble on Zytenz, as its product copy says, because Zytenz can help improve erections, penis rigidity, and frequency of sex, as well as sperm volume, concentration, and motility.

The proprietary formula is also believed to offer a safe, pain-free, and affordable way to help flush away those performance anxieties in bed as well as regain confidence lost to sexual woes.

Uses and Benefits

The dirty secret behind the formulation of Zytenz is a roster of herbal and nutritional ingredients listed below. Backed with 100% money back guarantee, this pill promises longer, better, and more intense sex, on top of improved erection, frequency of sexual intercourse, and sperm quality and number. It actually exploits the obvious lack of confidence and security of men who suffer from failure to perform and lack of endurance necessary for great levels of pleasure in lovemaking.

It is recommended to take three capsules of Zytenz every night with food, or three capsules at least half an hour before lovemaking. It can be taken every day for enhancing sexual experience, with the dosage recommended to not exceed six capsules day. Every bottle comes with 84 capsules.


The current version of Zytenz in the market is a reformulated one, featuring 14 ingredients to help pursue its goals for its male clientele. These key players are niacin, magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc, D-aspartic acid, arginine, tribulus terrestris, catuaba, chaste berry, Eurycoma longifolia, avena sativa, Mucuna pruriens, maca root, and resveratrol.

Product Verdict

There is in innate confidence in the makers of Zytenz that their formula works, and this reflects so well in the product’s 90-day money back guarantee, presentation of clinical facts and information, and marketing approach that impinges on the importance of blood flow and nutrition of the male reproductive system for optimal sexual performance. Our problem with this pill is the recommended dose every day, which a one-a-day pill could very well outperform. Why does it take 3 pills to get things going? Why is one allowed to take up to 6 pills a day? These are important questions that customers can ask themselves to actually learn more about the potency and effectiveness of a supplement.