What Causes ED in Men and How to Treat it?

What Causes ED In MenAccording to facts furnished by The Cleveland Clinic, almost 52% of all adult men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The prevalence of the condition increases with age and the symptoms normally set in after men cross the age of 40 years. Erectile problems could mean sexual inadequacy and underperformance. Before seeking ED dysfunction treatment, it is important to understand what causes ED in men.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction for Men

Common physical causes for erectile problems in men include:

  1. Narrowing of arteries due to a heart condition. This leads to restricted blood flow to the penile area.
  2. Diabetes or exceptionally high sugar levels can cause problems with erection.
  • High levels of cholesterol can also cause problems in achieving and maintaining erections.
  • Other health conditions that could be responsible include multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Low levels of testosterone in the blood can also cause sexual inadequacy and low-quality erections.

Apart from the physical causes, there are psychological reasons like stress, anxiety, depression or panic that can result in compromised sexual performance. Lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, obesity and lack of physical activity cam also contribute to the problem.

Treatments to Consider

Once the cause has been determined, the treatments need to be sought accordingly. Broadly, treatments can be categorized into three segments:

  1. Invasive: Invasive corrective measures include vascular surgery as well as penile implants. The former is done to enhance blood flow in the penis, while the latter is performed as a last resort in case drugs and other treatments fail to show results.
  2. Drugs and Supplements: Considered to be the safest forms of treatment, these formulations help in improving blood circulation in the body and in boosting testosterone levels in the blood. It also supplies essential nutrients and amino acids.
  3. Penis Pump: These pumps are used for hardened erections, although the results are temporary. They have to be used each time one has sexual intercourse.

Natural supplements and herbal formulations have proven to be effective, non-invasive treatment options.

Supplements that Work

Top choices in supplements include:

  1. Biomanix: This natural formulation provides penile elongation and improves the quality of erections.


  1. Vimax: This is a supplement for stamina enhancement and also for improvement in sex drive. It also works as an ED cure.


  1. Enzyte: A herbal supplement, this formulation targets blood flow and impacts erections positively.


The choice of supplement should be based on product reviews and extensive research. Unbiased sites like Leading Male Enhancement prove to be a useful resource for making informed decisions in this case.